The Best Vertical Climber Workout for Weight Loss

Vertical climbers are among the most recommended modern fitness machines. Made with a simple design, they offer a full body workout which can benefit people in different ways. Used for weight loss or muscle toning, a vertical climber is one of the fitness machines which are friendly to the joints as well. The fixed position while exercising means there is less pressure on the knees.

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Users say that although you cannot adjust the resistance, that it provides a strenuous workout in the home or even the office, only taking up around 3 square feet of space.

Buyers also say that assembly was a cinch, and packaging, in general, was pretty good- with most people able to carry it up a flight of stairs to their living rooms without a problem.

While providing a full-body workout, reviewers particularly commend its targeted thigh and gluteus benefits.

Exercisers told us of losing over 10 lbs using this vertical climber after a couple weeks of moderate use- also citing improved posture and cardiovascular fitness.

If you're particularly out of shape, it might take you a little bit of time to get acclimated- but that is really the only downside that we've seen with this particular vertical climber. 

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